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Welcome to our free online
Sudoku puzzle solver.

Here you can solve a Sudoku puzzle. Or learn how to solve Sudoku puzzles yourself by watching us solve one, step by step. Often, Sudoku puzzles can be solved entirely through logical deduction. That is, you don't have to just "make a guess" and see if it works out.

This Sudoku puzzle solver starts by identifying all the numbers that could be in each cell. That is, those numbers which are not already somewhere within the same row, column or block. We also use other techniques to eliminate certain possibilities from cells. When a cell has only one possible number, then we know what number goes in that cell.

We then repeat the process. We use the new solved number(s) to reduce the possible values in other cells and keep narrowing down the possible values until we have figured out what unique number is possible for every cell of the puzzle.

You can see this process in action by stepping through as we solve a puzzle.

To begin, enter the known values from a Sudoku puzzle into the grid on the left. Or, press the 'Load Demo Puzzle' button to watch as we solve a sample Sudoku puzzle. Then press the 'Let's Figure It Out Step by Step' button to watch as we solve it, or the 'See Puzzle Solution' button to see the solution right away!

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